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We are a young and highly focused team,you can read more about us on this page.

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Our approach to Digital Marketing focuses on learning and growing your customers


If you choose just us from all the possible competition in the market, not only will you motivate us to work hard, but you will also show us that you have the confidence to take care of your business, which consists not only of beautiful design for your site, but and a marketing strategy for it.

Our team will personally work to prepare your team to be ready in any situation, whether it be in terms of design or marketing strategies, to develop better than other competitors in your business, in addition to the newly attained knowledges from us, we will be pleased to see that you will win new customers with each passing day.

With your success, we will  feel proud and satisfied with the job well done from our behalf.

Meet the team

Alexander Indzhov

Alexander Indzhov

Back-end developer

  • Education: 5 years at university


  • Bachelor degree 4 years
  • Master’s degree 1 year

Specializes in:

  • Back-end primerily, Java, C#
  •  Front-end little bit, HTML, CSS  and other framework systems to use.

Belgin Sirakov

Belgin Sirakov

The marketing guy

Specializes in:

  • SMM (Social media marketing)
  • SEO
  • Google Adword managment
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads managment
  • Branding
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Our values

Below you will be able to read more about our values ​​and decide for yourself whether to trust us!


Over time, we strive to grow, offering more and more opportunities to our clients to choose from. We hope that with the years and hard work we will continue to please our customers.


We strive at every moment to improve each of our quality and thus our services offered here on our site, especially for you. If you trust us, we will try to please you and our partnership!


We will be at your disposal all the time. If you have any questions about the site and for your business we will do our best to get the answers you need. If you need our help, just write us a question.


Website development


Professional transmission of information

Social media



Email marketing


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